Konrad Malik – About Me

Konrad Malik graduated from a high school in Toronto specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  However, after graduating, he didn’t go down the traditional path like many of his teenage peers did — preparing for college.

Konrad Malik opted to bypass college and go straight into a budding area of technology just taking hold in certain research and development circles:  3D printing. At the time, it was a revolutionary technology, but was relegated to the heavy-industry sector. But, with his natural aptitude for engineering design, he was able to draft several new concepts not yet seen in the field.

Konrad lives in Toronto and heads a technology business he created called RapidMake 3D Printing, which provides services to large-scale manufacturing companies. His firm also makes the high-tech printers mobile enough for home-based consumers.

Over the course of about 10 years, Konrad and RapidMake 3D Printing was able to take a technology rooted in the heavy-industries sector and make it accessible for everyday customers to utilize in home offices. Through industry trade shows and conferences, he was able to show how his design models dramatically reduced production costs while making transport limitless.

RapidMake 3D Printing also offers a breadth of services to industry clients that encompasses drafting designs and other engineering optimizations, such as additive-based manufacturing contracts at the company’s headquarters in Toronto. Services are extended across multiple disciplines and industries, to include advertising, medicine, art, architecture and construction.

Konrad was eventually able to sell enough RapidMake 3D printers to a core client base that he was able to keep working, but also enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. He got married, started a family and also developed a unique fashion sense. Though he eschewed the Facebook T-shirts trademarked by Mark Zuckerberg and the black turtlenecks of his idle Steve Jobs, he subtly became known as “Sneakers” among those who knew him well, often sporting loud, flashy skater shoes and the like.

RapidMake 3D Printing recently embarked on a range of new services that includes drafting designs for smaller companies, while also providing collaborative engineering contracts. Along with these options the firm offers corporate clients additive-production manufacturing from Toronto.

Today, Konrad enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, traveling and enjoying life. But he still actively designs for the company.